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Getting Started

How To's

How to work with projects in Flare3D IDE

Video Tutorials

This is a serie of short videos explaining specific topics about Flare3D workflow and tools.

Stage3D & Flash Online conference

We have been speakers in almost all editions of Stage3D & Flash conferences.

Along these presentations we talked about a lot of interesting things and we think that they could be useful to learn more about Flare3D's non usual topics.

For every presentation you will find the record, presentation's slides and in some cases example source code.

  • Stage3D Online Conference #3 - Vertex Color for Dummnies Here we explain how Vertex color (a powerful and low cost technique) could be used to improve visuals in your apps.
  • Flash Online Conference #6 - A different approach for handling physics and collision detection in games. We were working in a new Physics and Collisions engine for Flare3D. Here we explain why the new engine is based in a new aproach and why it will be useful for games creation.
  • Flash Online Conference #8 - games, Games, GAMES! Flare3D Collision & Physics enging included in v2.7 add a lot of new features and possibilities for games' development.

External links

Adobe MAX Sessions

Learn how to turbo-boost your Flash 3D content using frameworks built on the new Stage3D (Molehill) APIs. This is a unique opportunity to meet face to face with the Away3D and Flare3D teams and witness the amazing visuals that can now be accomplished with GPU acceleration in Adobe Flash Player 11 and AIR 3. This is like two great sessions packed into one — you should not miss this session.

Join the Flare3D (ActionScript 3D framework) team to learn about creating innovative Flash 3D–enabled applications with the new 3D APIs that are coming soon to Adobe Flash Player. See how new integrated 3D tools will make your work easier than ever. The hands-on presentation will cover the whole production pipeline: design, export, programming, and publishing.

Old (but useful) references

Here you can find all the stuff about previous versions. But, maybe, it's what you are looking for :-)