Author Topic: Can I have mounting points to mount one model over the other Eg: place different type of hats on boy\'s head  (Read 1426 times)

Hi, you can use any will be exported as an empty Pivot3D and you can simply parent the hats to the helper thought actionscript. 

make sure that your pivots are in right positions in 3dmax.

Thank you Ariel, I am new to Flare3D let me give a try. Could you give me any example where there is a similar scenario.

Hi Ariel,

I am an actionscript programmer, my friend who did the 3D gave me two files avatarboy.f3d and beanie.f3d, he says that he used helper[dummy01] like you suggested in avatarboy to mount the beanie. Any examples to help me on mount this beanie on avatarboy on a mouse click.

Hi, you can use

var myHelper:Pivot3D = scene.getChildbyName( "dummy01" );

myBeanie.setPosition( myHelper.x, myHelper.y, myHelper.z );


myBeanie.copyTransform( myHelper );

Hi Ariel, 

Thank you for your reply

I have a helper Dummy01, traced the myHelper Pivot3D and got null

Where I am I going wrong?

can you post part of your code?

public class Main extends Sprite
  private var scene:Scene3D
  private var model:Pivot3D
  private var model2:Pivot3D
  private var anim1:Pivot3D
  private var anim2:Pivot3D
  public function Main():void
   // configure flash.
   stage.quality = StageQuality.MEDIUM
   scene = new Scene3D( this, "avatarBoy.f3d")
   model2 = scene.addChildFromFile("beanie.f3d")
   model2.setScale(0.2, 0.2, 0.2);   
   //model.scaleX = 50;
   //model.scaleY = 50;
   //scene.setScale(0.75, 0.75, 0.75)
   scene.addEventListener( Scene3D.COMPLETE_EVENT, completeEvent )
   scene.addEventListener(MouseEvent3D.CLICK, mouseClickEvent);
  private function mouseClickEvent(e:Event):void {
  private function completeEvent(e:Event):void
  { = false; 0, 0, 0 ) = 1;
   var myHelper:Pivot3D = scene.getChildByName("Bip01 HeadNub", true);
   //var myHelper:Pivot3D = model.getChildByIndex(1);
   trace("test"+model +"helper="+myHelper);
   model2.setPosition(myHelper.x-10, myHelper.y+8, myHelper.z);
   //trace("helper positions="+myHelper.x+ ","+  myHelper.y +","+ myHelper.z);