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Releases / New Flare3D 2.8.5 is out!
« on: November 21, 2014, 12:17:24 AM »

Before you guys jump into the release, keep in mind that it is an alpha build, we still have some work to do there, but..
if you can live with the known issues listed at the bottom, this release is for you!
We're committed to fix everything you could find and make it rock solid ;)
As usual, any feedback is more than welcomed!, we'll be iterating over these builds as quickly as possible!

There are tons of new things, and we're working on documentation for each one, but meanwhile,
Please!, read the changeLog! :)

Download link: Flare3D 2.8.6

Mac version (only IDE) here.

Some considerations:
   - Textures are set as "compressed" by default (without alpha), so if you have transparent textures will need to change the texture format in the textures panel.
   - Although it is possible, avoid using multiple packages at the moment, if you move things from one to another it could cause some loss of dependencies, we'll fix this asap.

Known issues:
   - "Reimport" and "Reimport From" are disabled in this build for 3D models, but works for textures.
   - Only png and jpg textures formats are supported in this build.
   - Not yet validating packages with duplicated names (be careful!).
   - Scripts API changes, some scripts will need to be updated (more on this soon).
   - Filter field in Project panel is disabled in this build.
   - Deleting an object in the Project panel does not delete its dependencies.

Hope you like it!
Enjoy! :)

Releases / New Flare3D 2.7 is out!
« on: February 12, 2014, 03:22:24 AM »
Hi guys! new version! :)

[2.7.1] - changeLog!

This time we're skipping some numbers due the importance of this version and because we're looking forward to Flare3D 3.0 in the next couple of versions!, so there are a lot more coming!, but lets focus on this one :D

Again, we needed to put the changeLog in another page because it is getting bigger and bigger :D
So, please, check out the changeLog! and use the bugs section to report bugs.

You can find all files in the downloads section.

About this release and its features:

* Physics and collisions!

This is not yet another physics simulation engine. The main goal is to get a general purpose, game oriented physics and collision library.
Fast for mobile devices, easy to use and to learn, well integrated with the engine and useful!
For this first release, there are a few initial examples in the examples/physics folder so you can quickly start with it, we'll be adding more of those in coming days. The AsDocs are updated as well ;)

There are a lot of features that didn't make it for this release but they will in coming versions, such as convex hull and constraints.
We have a nice set of wish lists there, but we would love to know what you guys think and hear your feedback as always! :)

* Scripting in the IDE:

The whole scripting engine has been improved significantly, please check the updated plugins and scripts, there are a lot of cool features there! :D
The scripts and plugins are automatically updated / compiled when you save the AS files, so it is really easy to write some code, save and intermediately see the changes in the IDE :)

* Fog and Gamma

These are cheap! really cool features! which will boost your 3d images quality!
Don't be scared, use them! :)

* MeshBatch3D (beta)

This tool is specially awesome for fast rendering of multiple (hundred, thousands or more) dynamic instances of the same object, for example, bullets, asteroids, enemies, trees, blocks....whatever, just use the imagination ;)
It is extremely valuable specially on mobile devices.
We'll expand more on how to get the better use of this tool and we'll also add it to the IDE, but you can start using it right now! some of the physics examples are already making a nice use of it.

Enjoy it!! :)

General Discussion / LightStorm in Flash online conference.
« on: December 21, 2013, 07:18:31 AM »
Hi guys!, I'll be talking about "Custom rendering pipelines" at Flash Online Conference today! (15:40 UTC +0)

The session will be based on the new demo, LightStorm you can find here!

Enjoy and join us! ;)

Hi guys!, I'll be talking tomorrow at the Stage3D conference - - all about physics and collisions!

Hope you like it :D

video preview here

if for some reason you can't see the video, use this link.

Releases / New Flare3D 2.5.19 is out!
« on: July 24, 2013, 12:32:45 PM »
Hi guys! new version! :)

This time we needed to put the changeLog in another page because it is getting bigger and bigger :D
So, please, read the changeLog! and use the bugs section to report bugs.
There are pretty important changes, some of them may affect backward compatibility!.

You can find all files in the downloads section.

Some of the mayor additions in the IDE is the new Library Panel! in which all textures and materials are shown. some of its features includes:
 - grid and list modes.
 - materials and textures preview.
 - full descriptive tooltips on materials and textures.
 - select objects using specific material / texture.
 - full drag & drop between library and scene objects / texture pickers.
 - smart filtering.
 - double click on material icon to open the materials panel.
 - import of external textures by dragging them into the IDE.
 - remove unused items.
 - duplicate materials.
 - select and edit FLSL materials.
 - replace of materials by doing drag & drop between them.
 - and more....

Also it is included in this release, the new User Data panel, in which you can store custom user information for each pivot in the scene, also allowing for simultaneous edition by selecting multiple pivots at the same time.
You'll also find our dear wiki and docs panels (which we will be updating very soon).

Next mayor features coming are:
 - new Collisions system.
 - new F3D binary format.

Enjoy!! :)

General Discussion / Stage3D Conference #3
« on: May 25, 2013, 06:09:33 AM »
Hi guys, please feel free yo join us today to the third Stage3D Online Conference.

Me and Jason will be talking about very interesting things! (Deffered Rendering, FLSL, Vertex Colors, Optimizations, etc...)

See you there! :)

Releases / New Flare3D 2.5.18 is out!
« on: May 02, 2013, 03:09:13 PM »
Hi there!, new version! :D

This is a pretty important release, and has many important additions, changes and improvements, so, please, report anything unexpected and don't panic ;)

Please, read the changeLog! and use the bugs section to report bugs.

You can find all files in the new downloads section.

Here is a short video that shows some of the features of the new shadow projectors.
And you can also watch here a short introduction to the new IDE Scripts :)

Flare3D 2.5.18

   * changed - * IMPORTANT! * Scene3D.skipFrames is false by default now. set it to true for games or apps that need constant framerates. this will cause general apps to run smoother than before.
   * changed - behavior in Pivot3D.getChildByName, now it looks first in it's children and then go deep in the hierarchy.
   * changed - Pivot3D.getChildByName, now returns skin bones if any, so it's easy to access them, but their transformation is still in local skeletal space.
   * changed - FLSLMaterial/Shader3D build/rebuild - a material that has been build, can not be build again unless you call to rebuild.
   * changed - Reflection map filter exported from 3dmax, it is now applied before lighting.
   * added - Pivot3DUtils.setAnimations that allows to replace all pivot animations and labels using another as a source.
   * added - Pivot3DUtils.removeAnimations to remove all pivot animations and its labels.
   * added - Shape3D bounds (just fast approximation).
   * added - Pivot3D.getChildrenByClass() which returns all objects of the specified class.
   * added - Pivot3D.getMaterials() which returns a vector containing all materials.
   * added - Shader3D.getFilterByClass;
   * added - Shader3D.removeFilterByClass;
   * added - new "change" event to skin modifier, allowing to change bones transformations before they are being render.
   * added - updateVertexBuffer( startVertex:int = 0, numVertices:int = -1 ):void to update all or specific part of the the vertex buffer.
   * added - updateIndexBuffer( startIndex:int = 0, numIndices:int = -1 ):void to update all or specific part of the the index buffer.
   * improved - important optimizations, improvements and fixes on Mesh3DUtils.merge method.
   * improved - important optimizations on Surface3DUtils.transform method.
   * improved / changed - Animation blending now, blends using the last transformation instead of the last frame allowing better transitions (beta).
   * fixed - scene.clearColor is now applied to all buffer clear operations.
   * fixed - some issues with GC and dispose methods.
   * fixed - merge issue when merging surfaces with same materials but differente buffers.
   * fixed - bugs in clone method of Particles3D.
   * fixed - bug with SelfColorFilter overryding alpha values.
   * fixed - issues with specular lights and alpha values.

   IDE: - this version has a big code refactor on it, please report anything unexpected.
   * added - scripted tools (beta).
   * added - shadow projector.
   * added - undo & redo and history panel (beta).
   * added - publish / scripted templates (beta)
   * added - drag & drop in hierarchy panel to allow to change pivots order or parents (beta).
   * added - new camera modes - orbit / fps and camera speed. use arrow keys, page up and page down, or (WSAD/QE) to move and right click to rotate the camera in both modes.
   * added - texture mip, filter and wrap options.
   * added - scene lights settings.
   * added - visual representation for curves / shapes.
   * added - ability to save shapes.
   * added - info panel with info about pivot local / global boundings (beta).
   * added - select invert.
   * added - zoom selected on right-click on hierarhcy panel.
   * added - non-visible objects now are shown in gray in hierarhcy panel.
   * added - target field on transform panel to highlight the main selected object and all axis are now enabled by default.
   * added - special gizmos for directional lights and infinite point lights.
   * added - all comboboxes can swich their states using the mouse whell when they have the focus or just doing right click.
   * improved - hierarchy filter field, now it is possible to filter by material, incomplete names matches, and by class.
   * improved - usability on pivot transform controls on properties panel, specially when working with rotation angles.
   * improved - all spinner controls, now move faster holding shift key and slower when holding ctrl.
   * improved - lots of gui improvements and optimizations.
   * changed - when deleting a pivot, it's children are moved up to the next parent in the hierarchy.
   * changed - reorganized some filters in the material filters menu.
   * fixed - when creating a new materials, is only applied to selected objects.
   * fixed - page up / page down keys in hierarchy panel.
   * fixed - bug on frameRate accuracy.
   * fixed - bug when saving particle textures.
   * fixed - bug when saving workspaces.
   * fixed - bug with [Delete] key not being ignored by the scene in when writting in text fields.
   * fixed - ATF support.
   * added - exp2 and log2.
   * fixed - exp and log are now exp2 and log2, and fixed exp and log to return the correct values.
   * fixed - flsl illegal operation error when an array with a dynamic index was involved.
   * fixed - flsl wrong temporal optimization for indexed registers.
   * changed - renamed mul4x3 by mul3x4.

There are many new exciting things coming, some of them we already started but couldn't finish for this release.

* Save to F3D binary format.
* Import of most commons 3D file formats on the IDE.
* Export static (kind of merged) meshes.
* Library Panel.
* Reimport of assets.
* 3DMax plugin inprovements.
* Statistics on screen.
* New Camera panel.
* Animation panel.
* User Data panel.
* Mirror plane primitive.
* 3D sound.
* Save / Apply custom FLSL filters.

Enjoy :)

General Discussion / Update about coming version.
« on: April 26, 2013, 06:32:20 AM »
Hi guys!, just wanted to give you an update.

We expected to have this version early this week, but a few things and issues came up.

Things are looking better now, and we're looking to release the new version before end of the month :)

General Discussion / New session - Water Rendering!
« on: April 11, 2013, 07:16:32 PM »
Hi guys!,

I'll be taking tomorrow, April 12 (16.10 - 17.00 UTC +0) at Stage3D Workshop Meeting

My session will be a step by step "Water Rendering", which includes mirror reflections, refractions, small and big waves, etc.. FLSL & AS3 parts.

You can see a video preview of the result here :D

See you there! :)

Engine Library / Early 2.5.18 with fixes.
« on: March 15, 2013, 07:07:50 AM »
Hi guys, we still working super hard in the coming version, but there are a few fixed bugs you may need, so we compiled an "in dev" version so you don't need to wait.

You can download it here

Note that this still in dev, so doesn't have full testing on it.
And the link will likely to be removed when we publish the next it´s kind of temporal release ;)

btw, if anyone needs a commercial version of this build, just contact us.

General Discussion / Stage3D Conference
« on: February 22, 2013, 05:36:27 AM »
Hi guys!!

I´ll be talking today at Stage3D Online Conferece! :)

19.40 - 20.30 (UTC+0)

We´ll be all about Flare3D & FLSL :D

Feel free to join us! ;)

Releases / New Flare3D 2.5.17 beta is out!
« on: January 14, 2013, 01:20:25 PM »
New version! :)

There are a few very nice new features in this version!, and with each iteration, it's becoming more and more exciting! :)

This release took more than expected, but now, the tool is finally able to save zf3d files! :D

Flare3D 2.5.17b Beta
Flare3D 2.5.17b IDE for windows
Flare3D 2.5.17b IDE for mac
Flare3D - 3DMax plugin 2.5.17

The save feature is a pretty complex one, so, please report any unexpected result ;)

Flare3D 2.5.17b

   * added - advanced options for blending, cull face and depth, in Shader3D materials.
   * added - menu File -> Save, Save As, Save Selected As.
   * added - right click on hierarhcy objects -> Save Selected As.... that allows to export specific objects from the scene.
   * added - menu File -> Screenshot. takes a snapshot of the current viewport buffer and saves it to a png file.
   * added - cut, paste, duplicate, delete.
   * added - double click to open/close in hierarhcy panel.
   * added - show in hierarhcy on right click.
   * added - menu Windows / Workspaces / Reset to reset to the original workspace.
   * fixed - transparent property not being saved.
   * fixed - issues loading reflection cubempa and filp normals filters in the library.
   * fixed - import issues with f3d models with normal maps.
   * fixed - visible property was taking too long.
   * fixed - specular values for f3d models. the value is adjusted to match new params.
   * fixed - some bugs saving f3d and colalda files with skin.
   * improved - collada absolute texture paths now look for the textures in the same folder as de DAE file.
   * improved - lots of general gui improvements and optimizations.
   * improved - loading times.

   * fixed - mouse out event had null surface object.
   * fixed - some flsl optimizations that produced wrong results.
   * fixed - bug loading normals maps from f3d's.
   * fixed - bugs in skin modifier.
   * added - animation complete event on Particles3D.
   * added - new post fx and rotateTextureFilter examples.
   * improved - a few materials performance optimizations.
   * improved - Mesh3DUtils.merge now takes layer property to sort the objects when possible.
   * improved - Surface3D.polys for surface instances.
   * improved - ray and sphere collisions.
   * improved - general optimizations and memory managment.
   * improved - split process of skinning surfaces.

What's next?

* Undo / Redo.
* Shadow Projector.
* User Data panel.
* Save custom FLSL materials.
* Library panel.
* Scene settings.
* Scripting.

Enjoy :)

General Discussion / Happy Holidays!
« on: December 25, 2012, 07:04:38 AM »
Happy Holidays Everyone!

And best wishes from all the Flare3D team! :)

Releases / New Flare3D non-official version!
« on: December 14, 2012, 04:23:34 PM »
New version! :)

For those who want to play with the unknown....
This is mostly an early build for those who want to start playing with the new Stage3D / AGAL2 features.

In this version you can start using the new extended profile supported by the lastest Flash Player 11.6 that is currently in Adobe labs.

A testing example (number 51) is also included in the examples folder.

Flare3d 2.5.16d Beta Preview
Flare3d 2.5.16d IDE for windows
Flare3d 2.5.16d IDE for mac

What's new in FLSL?

* output fragment[] can be declared as an array of 1 to 4 dimensions to output up to four render targets simultaneously.
* output depth is a new kind of output that enables to write and modify the depth value that comes from the vertex shader.
* added support for ddx and ddy functions.


The IDE / FLSL Compiler, will probably throw some warnings, since the IDE it is still running under the baseline profile, but shaders will get compiled anyway.

More is coming!
Enjoy :)

Releases / New Flare3D 2.5.16 beta is out!
« on: December 10, 2012, 03:21:01 PM »
New version! :)

This is a small one while we still working on the next version ;)
Some of the new features includes reverse mode and animated textures on particles.
Particles shaders also gets compiled/optimized in blocks with only the features you're actually using.

Flare3D 2.5.16e Beta Preview
Flare3D 2.5.16e IDE for windows
Flare3D 2.5.16e IDE for mac
Flare3D - 3DMax plugin 2.5.13

We have also made a new video playing with particles (last version) you can watch it Here :)

Thanks all for the great feedback!! :)

   * added - Particles3D reverse:Boolean mode.
   * added - Particles3D frames:Point property to define the number of frames of the texture in x and y axis.
   * added - Particles3D randomFrame property allowing to randomly select a frame when frames property is set.
   * fixed - delay property in Particles3D.
   * fixed - some issues with sorting on Particles3D.
   * fixed - error when disposing Pivot3D.
   * fixed - Device3D.trianglesDrawn property.
   * fixed - range error when removing Pivot3D in complete event (need more testing, but appears to be ok now).
   * fixed - bug with directional lights.
   * fixed - general minor issues.
   * added - visible property in all pivots.
   * added - layer property in all pivots.
   * added - particles properties to match the library new properties.
   * fixed - general minor issues.

What's next?

* Save / Export is on the way!.
* We're also working into add the new Stage3D/AGAL v2 features into FLSL, so you can also try early the new Stage3D extended mode :)
* There is more coming :)

Enjoy :)

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