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Farmville 2 – Powered by Flare3D

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013


UPDATED: Zynga published FarmVille 2 Almanac with an infographic showing  info about how FarmVille2 grew in the last months. With FarmVille 2, Flare3D becomes in the most used 3D Flash Engine around the world! Click the image below to see it.


Farmville, one of Facebook most played games ever, with more than 3MM daily users, and reaching a pike of 80MM monthly users, has launched its Sequel. Now in 3D!

What we denominated the Next-gen casual games some months ago, is now a reality. Using all the power of Flash 11, Flare3D and stage3D, amazing facebook games can be developed, and Farmville2 is a proof of this.


Zynga’s “FarmVille 2” demonstrates how to make a high quality game using the amazing 3D capabilities included in Stage3D. This game will probably be of great inspiration for all those studios that are not sure how far they can go using 3D on Flash. Enjoyable characters, smooth animations and friendly gameplay are raising the social games to a new level.


From the beginning, Flare3D has been supporting FarmVille 2 development, and now, after playing the game in our computers, we are very glad with the great job made by Zynga’s dev team!
If you haven´t played FarmVille 2 yet, then, you can see the next video that shows FarmVille 2 making of and discover why Zynga chose real 3D to provide users a much richer experience.

Flare3D is waiting for you!  Are you ready to use it in your next game?