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“Chase Life” for Maruti Suzuki Motors made with Flare3D

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

Usually, an advergame isn’t taken seriously. But the guys from Eccentric Engine worked hard and get a balanced and entertained racing car game and at the same time they respected the customer’s requirements. Chase Life is a game for Maruti Suzuki Motors to promote the launch of their new car, the Alto K10.

In the game, you must customize your car and drive fast to reach every checkpoint before the time ends. You can play it using the keyboard or a mobile device as gamepad and if you are good enough, then you can challenge your friends to beat your best score :-)

The game is already available here!


We were in touch with Gaurav Rane, Co-founder of “Eccentric Engine” and he kindly answered our questions about the game and the development process.

– Your game looks really cool! How many people was involved on its development?

Thanks a lot :) The game was developed by a team of 4 people. The 3D team of two working on the modelling, texturing and lighting of the garage and track and two developers who worked with Actionscript as well as to create the mobile controller for the game.

Customizing the car before the race.

Customizing the car before the race.

– Choosing the best technology for a project could be complicated. Could you mention why Flash and why Flare3D?

When we conceptualised the game, the requirements were that it had to be a web-only game. Looking at some recent numbers with the games we have developed, Stage3D was chosen over Unity3D for web games. The fact that the Unity plugin is being blocked by Chrome contributed to the decision too. Our programmers have a strong background in flash and are also experienced with Stage3D, having worked with some other engines in the past.

This time we had to work against the clock to create the game. Flare3D became a no brainer because of its superb editor and superior performance. It just made prototyping a breeze and we had decided on using it at conceptualization stage itself. We also knew that given the time at hand the advanced loading functions of Flare3D and accessing objects makes it very easy. Plus the other features like integration with the Away Physics engine was exactly what we wanted.

– Which was the hardest problem to solve in the development process? Can you mention how you solved it?

The biggest problem we faced was choosing a physics engine for the game. Flare3D 2.8 was announced and we were looking forward to some great physics examples with it, so we started out with Flare3D physics. But we soon realised that not everything was possible with the current state of the physics engine that we wanted in the car, so we went ahead with the AwayPhysics integration. Of course the extensive documentation helped solve most of our problems.

Note: The refered example of Away Physics integration is included in Flare3D distribution.

– Did you received some feedback from the client?

Lots of it :) I’d love to share a lot of it here, but wouldn’t be able to. They really liked the overall experience of the game and this game will hopefully get them to take Gaming much more seriously. Of course, there were some questions and comments asked during the development of the game, physics related, which I am not sure, Albert Einstien would have been able to answer :p

Maruti Suzuki

– I think that you can learn something new in every project. Did you learn something new developing “Chase Life”?

We were looking forward to learning shader programming with FLSL when we started with this project, so that we could use all kinds of cool effects in the game. Slowly but surely we are on our way, right now we have just implemented a version of the ColorSwitchShader. Soon we are looking forward to implement way cooler stuff in future projects.

Nice visuals using FLSL Shaders

Nice visuals using FLSL Shaders

– What about the future? Are you working in a new game?

While Eccentric Engine is a Digital Marketing Company, our division Eccentric Thrill was created with the intent of creating brilliant games. While we currently build games for Brand Promotion, we are hopeful of starting our own Gaming Label really soon.

The team is comprised of people who are gamers themselves and love creating these amazing experiences for others. We have worked on some games in the past making use of other engines like Unreal and Unity, and flash was mainly used for our web experiences. Since Stage3D is progressing so well already and with the demos I have seen with AGAL2, we cannot wait to get AAA gaming experiences to the web with Flare3D. Lots of games planned for the coming year.

Are you ready to run a race? Play the game HERE

About Gaurav Rane:

Co-founder, Eccentric Engine. He also heads the Tech and Games development team at Eccentric Engine.

About Eccentric Engine:

Eccentric Engine is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Mumbai, India, with expertise in developing Games and Tech Experiences for Brand Engagement. The agency has created gaming experiences for Red Bull, Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki among other Brands.




Have a creative Easter with Flare3D!

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Easter Egg Decorator

Bring out the artist you have inside and create the most beautiful Easter egg with our “3D Easter egg Decorator”.

Do you like it? This demo uses helpful techniques that can be implemented on any other project.

Download the full example here and use it as a starting point in your next amazing app!

Come on, don’t be lazy!, this demo can be exported to mobile devices too. Make your own version for tablets and/or smartphones. We want to see your own Egg Decorator app for Android and iOS!

Get Adobe Flash player

We wish you a creative Easter !

Flare3D Team



Falling in love with Flare3D

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a day full of feelings, hugs, kisses. In this day, you can turn around and you’ll find chocolates in heart’s shaped boxes, flowers, love cards and even mariachis singing love songs to get the love of your life. We are romantic people too! And in this day we want to give you our love!

Please, take our beating heart and use it to create your own ode to love.

Get Adobe Flash player

Full size here

This lovely example is ready for you! It is pretty simple, but it contains a few gems you’ll definitely find useful to include in your projects 😉

We have included a few small utils to render dynamic text using 3D fonts, so you can use any font you want but in 3D!

It is divided into two steps.

First, exporting the charset from 3Ds Max, just open the (included) script, type in the font name you want and execute. You’ll get all your characters ready to export to Flare3D.

Foont 3Ds MAX script

The second step, is required to generate the font XML descriptor. There may be many ways of doing this, but the simplest we found is using the Bitmap Font Generator tool, which is a very small, easy and useful app. Just go to Options, Font Settings and select the same font you used in the 3ds max script. Then save the font and you’re done! you should get a *.fnt (which is an XML) and one or many images, but we only need the *.fnt file.

Bitmap Font Generator

The AS3 part then is where you’ll find all the fun, you can either create a Font3D and set a text, or simply use the drawText method in the render event to draw text as many times as you want.


Also, a small FLSL is included to animate the heart using the GPU, you’ll probably find other uses for it too 😉

Download the code and assets, build your own Valentine’s Day app and spread the love around.

All you need is love, love, love is all you need.

Make a different Valentine’s day with Flare3D :-)

Flare3D – ‘A Small Hunt’ by A SMALL GAME

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

A SMALL GAME is an independent game studio located in Stockholm, Sweden. They have been using Flare3D since its first version was released and their first game made with Flare3D was “A Small car” (This game has had a lot of success on the web with millions of plays). A few days ago, they released their latest game called “A Small Hunt”, a simple ‘duck hunting’ game with a cool retro style, sticky music and implementing game’s mechanics that could be summarized in two simple steps:

1 – Aim the flying duck.
2 – Shoot!

So.. what’s the special with this game? It was made for tablets and must be played by using the gyroscope sensor. This means that you must phisically move the tablet around to aim to the flying ducks and shoot them. The game provides an immersive experience for the player and looks really fun!

We talked with Christian Östman (Developer and game designer) about the game, Flare3D, Flash development and more..

– How much time did you spend developing this game?

We did this game as a smaller project while working on our other game “Office Chair: Zombie Disco Attack” (Coming soon). And it shares the same basics for the gyroscope and other things. I think we spent about 2 weeks on the game.

– Is “A Small Hunt” a bloody tribute to Nintendo’s “Duck Hunt”?

Yes :)

Duck Hunt NES

The classic “Duck Hunt” by Nintendo

– The way you guys use the Gyroscope sensor to look around and aim is so innovative like the that toy gun was used with the classic NES game in 80s! Was this the first approach for this game? Or do you decided to use this kind of control once the game was already in development?

Thanks! We got the idea when working with the gyroscope for Office Chair, and thought that it would be great way to control a duck-hunt style game. So we tried it quickly and were happy with the results!

– Previously you have launched “a small car” a game for the web and now “A small hunts” which runs on iPad. Could you mention the main differences between web development and mobile development?

There are some differences, for example you have to support different screen resolutions and sizes. The players are also different on mobile compared to the web and generally they expect a more polished experience.

A SMALL CAR made with Flare3D

Made with Flare3D 1.0 “A SMALL CAR” rocks!! :-)

– Please, mention the biggest problem that you faced developing this game. How did you solve it?

I think one of the biggest problems we had was to be able to get good performance on the iPhone4, iphone4S and above works great in 60 fps but it runs much slower on the iPhone4. We didn’t manage to solve it completely so we recommend playing it on an iPhone4s or newer device.

– Do you have some advice for those developers that are working in their first mobile game? Something like…. Never in your life you should do this!

Don’t spend too much time working on the game before releasing it! It’s pretty hard to finish a game, so try to keep the scope down and release early to see how the players will react, and if it is working :)

– Was Flash/AIR a problem to publish your app in App Store? Are you thinking in publish this game in other platforms like Android?

Air has become really good lately with stage3D and Native Extensions. We used Native Extension for the gyroscope and game center support. We had no problems with AIR during the development and no troubles with the App Store. Android would be cool, but we haven’t tested the game on any Android device yet :) We’re also thinking about releasing a flash web version of the game with mouselook controls for free. With Air and Flare3d this is very easy.

– You have been using Flare3D for a long time. Which Flare3D version was used for this game? And in your opinion, How Flare3D helps you to develop games?

We used flare 3d 2.5.19 for this game, and the performance is really good, (60fps on all iOS devices except iPhone4). We also used the 3DSMax exporter tool for the scene and the flare3d IDE to set up materials and optimize the scene. Flare3D does a great job in handling assets and enabling us to make this kind of games very quickly!





Do you want to play it? A SMALL HUNT is available at Apple App Store here .