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Wrestling Revolution by Mat Dickie is available for Android, iOS, PC and OUYA

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

UPDATE – Wrestling Revolution 3D is out!

The game was finally released and is available in Google Play and Ouya. With more than 5M downloads and over 70,000 5-star reviews!

Wrestling Revolution 3D is coming soon to iOS.

In the world of video games, with so many genres out there, we come across with Wrestling Revolution, an ambitious project by creator Mat Dickie.  He amazes us with its original and challenging ongoing project using Flare3D.

Wrestling Revolution OUYA

We recently interviewed him and he was very kind in answering our questions covering the subjects: Flare3D, Workflow optimization Wrestling games, Mobile devices, Ouya console, and shared a whole bunch of additional  information about the creative process that you should not miss!


Flare3D – ‘A Small Hunt’ by A SMALL GAME

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

A SMALL GAME is an independent game studio located in Stockholm, Sweden. They have been using Flare3D since its first version was released and their first game made with Flare3D was “A Small car” (This game has had a lot of success on the web with millions of plays). A few days ago, they released their latest game called “A Small Hunt”, a simple ‘duck hunting’ game with a cool retro style, sticky music and implementing game’s mechanics that could be summarized in two simple steps:

1 – Aim the flying duck.
2 – Shoot!

So.. what’s the special with this game? It was made for tablets and must be played by using the gyroscope sensor. This means that you must phisically move the tablet around to aim to the flying ducks and shoot them. The game provides an immersive experience for the player and looks really fun!

We talked with Christian Östman (Developer and game designer) about the game, Flare3D, Flash development and more..

– How much time did you spend developing this game?

We did this game as a smaller project while working on our other game “Office Chair: Zombie Disco Attack” (Coming soon). And it shares the same basics for the gyroscope and other things. I think we spent about 2 weeks on the game.

– Is “A Small Hunt” a bloody tribute to Nintendo’s “Duck Hunt”?

Yes :)

Duck Hunt NES

The classic “Duck Hunt” by Nintendo

– The way you guys use the Gyroscope sensor to look around and aim is so innovative like the that toy gun was used with the classic NES game in 80s! Was this the first approach for this game? Or do you decided to use this kind of control once the game was already in development?

Thanks! We got the idea when working with the gyroscope for Office Chair, and thought that it would be great way to control a duck-hunt style game. So we tried it quickly and were happy with the results!

– Previously you have launched “a small car” a game for the web and now “A small hunts” which runs on iPad. Could you mention the main differences between web development and mobile development?

There are some differences, for example you have to support different screen resolutions and sizes. The players are also different on mobile compared to the web and generally they expect a more polished experience.

A SMALL CAR made with Flare3D

Made with Flare3D 1.0 “A SMALL CAR” rocks!! :-)

– Please, mention the biggest problem that you faced developing this game. How did you solve it?

I think one of the biggest problems we had was to be able to get good performance on the iPhone4, iphone4S and above works great in 60 fps but it runs much slower on the iPhone4. We didn’t manage to solve it completely so we recommend playing it on an iPhone4s or newer device.

– Do you have some advice for those developers that are working in their first mobile game? Something like…. Never in your life you should do this!

Don’t spend too much time working on the game before releasing it! It’s pretty hard to finish a game, so try to keep the scope down and release early to see how the players will react, and if it is working :)

– Was Flash/AIR a problem to publish your app in App Store? Are you thinking in publish this game in other platforms like Android?

Air has become really good lately with stage3D and Native Extensions. We used Native Extension for the gyroscope and game center support. We had no problems with AIR during the development and no troubles with the App Store. Android would be cool, but we haven’t tested the game on any Android device yet :) We’re also thinking about releasing a flash web version of the game with mouselook controls for free. With Air and Flare3d this is very easy.

– You have been using Flare3D for a long time. Which Flare3D version was used for this game? And in your opinion, How Flare3D helps you to develop games?

We used flare 3d 2.5.19 for this game, and the performance is really good, (60fps on all iOS devices except iPhone4). We also used the 3DSMax exporter tool for the scene and the flare3d IDE to set up materials and optimize the scene. Flare3D does a great job in handling assets and enabling us to make this kind of games very quickly!





Do you want to play it? A SMALL HUNT is available at Apple App Store here .