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Wrestling Revolution by Mat Dickie is available for Android, iOS, PC and OUYA

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

UPDATE – Wrestling Revolution 3D is out!

The game was finally released and is available in Google Play and Ouya. With more than 5M downloads and over 70,000 5-star reviews!

Wrestling Revolution 3D is coming soon to iOS.

In the world of video games, with so many genres out there, we come across with Wrestling Revolution, an ambitious project by creator Mat Dickie.  He amazes us with its original and challenging ongoing project using Flare3D.

Wrestling Revolution OUYA

We recently interviewed him and he was very kind in answering our questions covering the subjects: Flare3D, Workflow optimization Wrestling games, Mobile devices, Ouya console, and shared a whole bunch of additional  information about the creative process that you should not miss!


Escape Fast by Kraken Studio using Flare3D

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Play Escape Fast

Kraken GameStudio presents ‘Escape Fast’, in this game you are a bankrobber that has been betrayed by your henchman. Your goals:

1 – Run away avoiding cops
2 – Recover the stolen money
3 – Get revenge to the bad guy

The game is simple, fun, addictive and has a beautiful 8 bits’s retro style. Drive across the levels and re-experiment the pleasure that you got playing those 80’s classic games.

It’s a real 3D game but the camera was placed to get an isometric view.

    escapefast_09 escapefast_05

Victor Corvalan from Kraken Studio talked with us about ‘Escape fast’ and other things:

– ‘Escape Fast’ presents a lovely retro design, polished details and a very nice cartoon music style.
How many days did you spend working to get ready this beautiful game?

The development of this game took 40 days approx.… the graphics were ready in less than a week and the engine in 2.5 weeks… the tedious part of the development was the design of the levels. The 2 animations of the game only took one week to make. The rest of the time was for testing and for final adjustments.

-How many extra people were involved in this project (3D artists, musicians, etc..)?

There were 2 graphics designers, Jose Bordon and Julio Peralta; 1 3D modeler, Ariel Baez; the musicians Ronny Antares and Camilo Stager from PowerUpMusic  and me (programming & levels).

– Why pixel art? Which were the inspirations for this game?

I personally love the mix of 3D and 8bits/retro look. I remember that years ago someone posted in a forum the work of Kenneth Fejer and since that I started to appreciate that style.

– ‘Escape Fast’ isn’t your first project using Flare3D. So, which were the reasons to choose Flare3D as your engine for these games?

When I was moving to 3D development I made a lot of research… I was looking for one easy tool with good performance to get married with 😀 … when I finally found Flare3D and compare it with other engines I knew that I finally found the tool that I was looking for. Flare3D really reduces the developing time and let us focus on the development of the gameplay without get distracted in other things.

– There are a lot of people working in their first videogame, do you have some advice for them about things they should never to do when developing a video game?

If possible, start with smalls projects, you will gain experience with them and will keep you motivated. Don’t forget to develop the games that you will enjoy to play.


Play Escape Fast here ! :-)

In a HD world don’t miss this refreshing breeze!


Tip: Controlling the car could be difficult, using the virtual gamepad could be easier than using the keyboard.



About Kraken GameStudio

We are the first game development studio located in Asuncion, Paraguay.
We develop videogames out of reality with the objective to improve your entertainment. We think that games should be something out of reality!.
The members of the team are Victor Corvalan, Ariel Baez, Eladio Delgado, Jose Bordon, Julio Peralta and Raul Porro.
We work together with the PowerUpMusic  team, our friends & partners from Chile and with “Creadores” whose owner is Paulino Rolon

About Victor Corvalan

I’m a developer from Paraguay and I am 26 years old. I develop videogames and also some boring stuff. Before starting with Kraken GameStudio, I made & developed interactive floors/walls’ installations, interactive bars, augmented reality, virtual presence, holomotion and other cool stuff… you can see my work in my blog (in spanish)