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Falling in love with Flare3D

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a day full of feelings, hugs, kisses. In this day, you can turn around and you’ll find chocolates in heart’s shaped boxes, flowers, love cards and even mariachis singing love songs to get the love of your life. We are romantic people too! And in this day we want to give you our love!

Please, take our beating heart and use it to create your own ode to love.

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This lovely example is ready for you! It is pretty simple, but it contains a few gems you’ll definitely find useful to include in your projects 😉

We have included a few small utils to render dynamic text using 3D fonts, so you can use any font you want but in 3D!

It is divided into two steps.

First, exporting the charset from 3Ds Max, just open the (included) script, type in the font name you want and execute. You’ll get all your characters ready to export to Flare3D.

Foont 3Ds MAX script

The second step, is required to generate the font XML descriptor. There may be many ways of doing this, but the simplest we found is using the Bitmap Font Generator tool, which is a very small, easy and useful app. Just go to Options, Font Settings and select the same font you used in the 3ds max script. Then save the font and you’re done! you should get a *.fnt (which is an XML) and one or many images, but we only need the *.fnt file.

Bitmap Font Generator

The AS3 part then is where you’ll find all the fun, you can either create a Font3D and set a text, or simply use the drawText method in the render event to draw text as many times as you want.


Also, a small FLSL is included to animate the heart using the GPU, you’ll probably find other uses for it too 😉

Download the code and assets, build your own Valentine’s Day app and spread the love around.

All you need is love, love, love is all you need.

Make a different Valentine’s day with Flare3D :-)