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Join Flare3D on GitHub

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Flare3D on GitHub

We just opened our new GitHub repositories a few weeks ago, and little by little we have been filling it with new and helpful things, and we expect to continue doing that :-)

First one to join was Flare3D Labs, this repo includes all kind of experimental code (deferred lightning, Adobe AIR Gamepad, SAO, etc…) that you can use as an inspirational starting point to do your own creations.

We then added a new Flare3D Engine repo where you can find parts of the core engine, either to extend its functionality or as part of the documentation to better understand how things work internally, for example, all material filters and its FLSL shaders can be found there.

Flare3D GitHub

We are waiting for you on GitHub


If you want to be updated with the latest examples, please follow us in GitHub, if you like the content, please feeds our ego giving us a star in your preferred repo and if you think that you are ready to add some amazing stuff we will be glad to receive your contribution :-)

Visit us on GitHub regularly, cool things will be published soon!

If you want to stay tuned to receive latest news and announcements, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.




Wrestling Revolution by Mat Dickie is available for Android, iOS, PC and OUYA

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

UPDATE – Wrestling Revolution 3D is out!

The game was finally released and is available in Google Play and Ouya. With more than 5M downloads and over 70,000 5-star reviews!

Wrestling Revolution 3D is coming soon to iOS.

In the world of video games, with so many genres out there, we come across with Wrestling Revolution, an ambitious project by creator Mat Dickie.  He amazes us with its original and challenging ongoing project using Flare3D.

Wrestling Revolution OUYA

We recently interviewed him and he was very kind in answering our questions covering the subjects: Flare3D, Workflow optimization Wrestling games, Mobile devices, Ouya console, and shared a whole bunch of additional  information about the creative process that you should not miss!


Real time light baking with Flare3D

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Flare3D light baking

In the past few weeks, Jason has been working hard to create a real time light baking system, taking advantage of Stage3D and fully GPU processing.

This new feature will allows in few seconds add baked shadows and enhance the ambient illumination in your scene. This is great to get beautiful scenes without the cost to use dynamics lights and because a picture is worth a thousand words, please check the screenshots below..

lightBaking_01 lightBaking_02

On the left you can see a 3D Scene composed by cubes over a plane. This scene only contains the default directional light.

On the right, you have the same scene, but now with baked illumination with multiple lights(point, directional), diffuse baking, soft shadow baking and fixed UV edge feature. To make it, the scene’s illumination was pre-calculated with more than 100 lights and this took only some seconds!

The result? You can obtain a complex illumination without expensive resources.

The advantages of this feature In Jason’s words:

The point of doing this is because:
1) the name of baking dose not mean it is fully static, to bake it into texture in the real-time makes it has the possibility to change if needed, for example there is a scene with sun light at beginning, but may change to a night view later on.
2) the cost of baking is very cheap, may faster than uploading regular bitmap data in some cases,
Just assume we upload 101 light maps for this demo, that would be much slower,wouldn’t it?
3) precision of texture is no longer need as large as it could be, instead 128×128 is enough for a object, that is because we generate the texture by shader, instead of unpacking any bitmap format.
4) it is easier than having a external light maps, since for artist they just need to create an extra UV coordinates, all the rest of work just leave it to the program:)
5) the file size would be reduced a lot, as you can see the whole file is only 135kb, it is a pretty much a light map size, isn’t it?

The light baking feature is in Labs and will be available in a future release. Meanwhile, you can test this demo downloading it from our forum here.

Keep in touch for more news! :-)