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Flare3D mini Challenge – Meet the winners

Friday, July 18th, 2014

The contest reached the end and we can say that it was a great experience for us and we’ll certainly repeat it in the future!
Although the contest’s goal seemed easy to achieve, the reality was different. Only three participants were able to finish their BREAKOUT’s versions. It just wasn’t right to choose two winners among three participants. Thus… we decided (only this time) to declare the three finalists as winners!

Now it’s time to meet the winners:

Tim Budds

Tim did a great Job! Basically he takes the example and turns it into a full grown game!

Respecting the traditional gameplay, his “Breakout 3D” includes 8 levels, power-ups (some of them really funny), support for keyboard and mouse and a mobile version for Android!

Gabriel Walter

Gabriel presents “Wonder Runner 3D” and we are still trying to figure out  what kind of game is it! 100% surreal, in the game you are a man running across an oneiric world searching for a golden ball… Yes, it’s a crazy idea but  has potential!

Wandah W.

Our dear Wandah is the usual suspect into the Flare3D’s world 😉 with a past proved experience using Flare3D. Wandah spent 10 hours converting our breakout example into a mix between a football game and a tower defense! The game recreates the final match of the latest World Cup game between Argentina and Germany, includes cute graphics, soccer’s sounds, splash screens, menus and runs perfectly!

It is now time to think about the future! Keep in touch, we are cooking something special for the next mini Challenge! :-)



Have a creative Easter with Flare3D!

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Easter Egg Decorator

Bring out the artist you have inside and create the most beautiful Easter egg with our “3D Easter egg Decorator”.

Do you like it? This demo uses helpful techniques that can be implemented on any other project.

Download the full example here and use it as a starting point in your next amazing app!

Come on, don’t be lazy!, this demo can be exported to mobile devices too. Make your own version for tablets and/or smartphones. We want to see your own Egg Decorator app for Android and iOS!

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We wish you a creative Easter !

Flare3D Team



Play Fast or Fail by Iris & MediaMonks using Flare3D

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

FIFA’s World Cup fever is here! Brazil 2014 will be the most relevant event this year and Messi is the most wanted mega star by brands that want a piece of him to show off during this tournament.

Play Fast or Fail

The video below promotes the latest Adidas’ campaign, the action is focused on a video game where you become Lionel Messi. Your target is simple, through five levels you must lead your team to complete the road to Rio and become the next world champion.

The game looks amazing! Was developed by Iris and MediaMonks using Flare3D and is available at Adidas’s website.

It’s your turn now. Are you ready to become the best soccer player in the world?

Play the game here!

CGTRADER and Flare3D, meet the winners

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

We believe that to have a good set of 3D assets is essential for our projects and we also know that get good 3D artists is a hard task too. When Alex from CGTRADER asked us if we wanted participate in a new challenge where the goal was create 3D models for video games our answer was immediate –”Yes, sure!”

CGTRADER has a large community of great artists and Flare3D has a great developer’s community that needs this kind of resources.

CGTRADER - 3D Game model Challenge

The “3D Game Model Challenge” was launched a couple of months ago and now we can present some of winners works! We are very impressed with their work’s quality and we want share it with you in a Flare3D version! You can rotate and zoom them to appreciate in detail the great work made by these artists.

We give special thanks to winners who provided their models to be included in this post! – Thanks guys! 😀

Winner – Best 3D model

The great Beast made by Wandah Kurniawan Prosetiyo is officially the best game model made for this challenge.

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3D Model – 1st Runner Up

Pianpat Ronruangrit presents an amazing Pit Crew. Four high quality detailed models that could be present in your next racing game.

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3D Model – 2nd Runner Up

rombynas rose to the 2nd place with his realistic British MBT Challenger 2 model. Are you looking for a tank for your next game? This is the man!

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The challenge, also best 3D portfolios in the contest were:

3D portfolio - Winner

The winner in this category is humster3D and he uploaded 80 models for the contest!  check out his gallery and discover why he is the winner!

3D portfolio - 1st Runner Up

Are you looking for a wide set of spaceships? Then Bogdan is definitely the best choice for it.

Check it now and enjoy his amazing space based set!

3D portfolio – 2nd Runner Up

3DArtisan uploaded 37 game-ready models for the challenge and they are really different between them. Planes, soldiers, cars, buildings, etc… All of them are really cool models!


Do you like contests? Are you a ‘master’ making Social games, Mobile or FLSL shaders?

Please add a comment in this post talking about what kind of challenge you’ll like for participate!

We are waiting for suggestions! 😀