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Augmented Reality at Coca-Cola Trophy Tour (Flare3D+IN2AR)

Thursday, June 5th, 2014


For the Fifa World Cup Trophy Tour, SIA Interactive implemented several solutions for the event. One of them was an Augmented Reality experience made with Flare3D and IN2AR. In this solution people were able to get photographed grabbing a coke bottle and showed on the screen like they were holding the cup. The participants had the option to share the photograph through social networks.


Thanks to augmented reality, everybody can hold the trophy in their hands.

 For augmented reality, SIA Interactive has been using  Flare3D and IN2AR, a powerful AR engine that can be used for web, mobile and desktop. Augmented reality demonstrated to be an excellent tool to get improved results and strong customer’s engagement in Marketing and Advertising solutions.

How to create AR applications using Flare3D

Flare3D has been used in multiple AR solutions with different AR engines.  If you would like to create an AR application, you can begin checking out the examples that we have in our Wiki.




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Flare3D Water Rendering tutorial with FLSL

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

FLSL water shader

The last April 12, Sergey Gonchar from ‘Stage3D group‘ organized ‘Stage3D Workshop Meeting’. On which, Ariel Nehmad explained how to create a water effect using FLSL. The rendering includes reflection, refraction, dynamic waves , particles, etc..

Check out the following video to see how the pirates sail over a beautiful FLSL’s shader.


If you missed the event you can watch the recorded meeting here (you’ll find Flare3D talk at the end).

Ariel published source code and the live demo in his blog here.

Enjoy it :-)


Flare3D present in Advergaming 2012

Friday, August 3rd, 2012


In order to continue promoting the advergaming industry in Argentina, Gamester together with the help of ADVA (Argentine video games developers Association), City of Buenos Aires and Interact (Interactive agencies union) organized this event. Flare3D participated together with SIA Interactive (advergames and experiential marketing developers) with a stand, where different game developers, designers, artists and enthusiasts of this industry where able to know more about us.


The Advergaming event took place in the beautiful art center “objeto a” and we had the chance to share the experience with several other studios.


Is exciting to see how flash game community is adopting Stage3D for their 3D developments!

Light Trikes by frog – game inspired inTron and made with Flare3D

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012



frog design is known by their innovative designs for big companies like Sony and because they have been Steve Jobs’ chosen company for creating the revolutionary Apple IIc. Last March 10th, frog design hosted the official opening party for SXSW Interactive. SXSW is an event that features five days of compelling presentations from the brightest minds in emerging technology. In the party guests could play renewed versions of classical arcade videogames.
The pictures bellow, shows the frog’s multiplayer version of the classic Tron’s deathly race. This game was made with Flare3D and was integrated with hardware for achieving a “physical” version of the game. Starting with two stationary exercise bikes  each one was retrofit with an Arduino, a tachometer, a mechanical hand brake, and a set of steerable handlebars. Each contestant sits in front of a large monitor with a third-person view of his or her trike in the digital arena, while an overhead “God’s eye” view is projected on a screen between them for onlookers.


Pat Marsh, frog senior designer. Said about his experience working with Flare3D

“Our goal with Light Trikes was to create a highly physical and visually immersive experience. Flare3D made it possible to create a stunning 3D game that delivered the responsiveness and cutting edge graphics that people expect from most games. Flare3D’s powerful framework allowed us to spend more time perfecting details without having to spend too much time working on the core experience. We are extremely excited to continue using Flare for more projects and expect that Flare will have a huge impact on the future of game design and development.”

~Pat Marsh, frog senior designer

The following video shows the development process

SXSW 2012: Light Trikes from frog on Vimeo.