Lightstorm - Barbacube

Barbacube Game Studio, the new Flare3D’s partner company is here!
Barbacube is made of an amazing team of professionals who love what they do. They bring to us an awesome technical demo. So guys! Here is LightStorm, play with it, beat your own high score and discover some of the amazing features available on the latest version of Flare3D.


Flare3D + Barbacube

Play Lightstorm Now and discover a new Stage3D experience!

The game is 100% Flare3D and includes a lot of new features that you’ll find in the next Flare3D version. Are you wondering about what things were used in the demo? Check out the following list for a quick review:

– Bidirectional motion blur.
– Chromatic aberration.
– Hardware occluded lens flares.
– Glowing objects.
– Local Reflections (Car’s front window).
– Post processing image effects and particles.
– Global fog and gamma correction.
– Projected blob shadow (not plane).
– Full featured constrained mode
– Special optimizations for Google’s Pepper version (try HD mode if your GPU supports it).
– Custom shaders here and there..
– Featuring the new Collisions engine (<1% cpu ussage).
– And a lot more!

What about mobile performance?

We made some tests on iPad 3 for iOS, Google Nexus 4 for Android and BB10. In all cases the game ran fluid and we got the same experience than the desktop version. Would you like to check LightStorm’s performance on mobile? Watch the following video that shows real game play over iPad3!

Future expectations

Barbacube is here to stay. A good game depends on a lot of factors. The right team, the best tools and great passion for games!

The team is currently working on big projects, so, you will hear about Barbacube again shortly :-)


Play Lightstorm here


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