Are you ready to Impulse your business using Flare3D?

In this case we want to show ‘www.packingbattle.com’ a 3D website made with Flare3D. The site is a game in self where you handle a character called Ludwig. Ludwig is a tourist and the goal is to collect his holyday inventory (the blue items) and avoid the travel accidents. Once the game ends you’ll be able to share your score in Facebook and check your position in a global scoreboard.

LudwigLudwig the Tourist

The game is a really good case that shows how to mix an enjoyable game experience with a clear advertising message.

was created by SYMBIO. A creative digital agency at Czech Republic. Check out the following video where they talk about the idea, the game and achieved results:


Packing Battle was selected FWA SITE OF THE DAY in April 26, 2013

Play it: http://www.packingbattle.com/

Source: http://flashdaily.net/post/50573251851/packing-battle

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