A new exciting year is starting and Flare3D is evolving and growing every day to take advantage of new opportunities!.

So, yes!!, we’re talking about HTML5 and WebGL, and yes!!! We have decided to start a new journey into this new amazing world :D

As always, our mission is to provide Professional workflow to create next-gen 3D web and mobile based applications! – same tools, same workflow, same file format!

In this early Flare3D / HTML5 demo, you can see directly in your browser without any plugin, our lovely Yellow Planet model (zf3d) without any change at all!!!

But, enough talking, show time!!, check it out here.

This is an early stage, there still a lot of work to do!, so, we want and we need to receive feedback and suggestions from you guys, in order to give you the best quality possible product!.

We have more to show. Stay tuned, new things are coming to Flare3D!.