If you enjoyed fight games like Mortal Kombat you shouldn’t miss this game made by “Ben Olding games” using Flare3D! Pay attention on each player’s movements and the detailed level design.

Choose a character, learn his movement, fight and become a legend!


Ben Olding answered some questions about the game and developing process

What do you think about the new Flash capabilities to present 3D contents in the traditional Flash Player?

I think it’s great, as a game developer used to using 2D it opens up loads of new exciting possibilities, while still having the advantages of flash, plus I’m comfortable using flash, so the learning curve wasn’t too steep for me.

Do you have some previous experience with 3D games? Was Flare3D your first choice?

My first time doing anything with 3D! I went with Flare3D because my artist, Marco, had recommended it and favored it because of the 3D studio max plugin. But after having looked with more interest at other stage3D solutions, and having gotten to grips with Flare3D (a bit at least) I have realized that Flare3D has many features over other systems that make development easier, its more than just a 3d engine, it’s a game development engine.

How would you evaluate 3D vs 2D workflow?

Being comfortable with 2D, I always found 3D to be a bit daunting, but having tried it, it actually makes many things easier e.g. in 2d if I wanted a level complete screen, I would have to get an artist to draw something nice, but with 3D you can zoom in, change the angle and you’ve got a nice menu background or whatever, also 3D seems to be well better for doing characters, with bones, skinning etc already built in. I’ve been wanting to make a new Dragon Fist game for years (this is the 4th one), and experimented with making 2d bone systems etc, but it was very difficult to not make something that would be too restrictive

Are you working in a new game? Can you give us some info about it?

I’ve pretty much finished a game called “Jake Renegade: Freedom Flight” which is a high speed, first person dodging game. I am pretty pleased with it and I hope to release it on Android and iOS as well as on the web. You can see a trailer for it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwFlL3rAErA

Finally. the characters have very particular kung fu movements, are there any martial artist in the team or you just watched too many Bruce Lee movies? clip_image002

A bit of both! I am a kung fu instructor, I teach the tiger style and the bird style seen in the game. Marco (who did the art) has done some ninjutsu. All of the moves in the game, except some of the special moves, I performed on camera and Marco did his best to copy the moves in 3d studio max

I am also a big fan of Chinese martial arts films. I tried to keep the game as authentic to the theme as possible, so no fireballs and all the characters are inspired by characters I’ve seen in films.

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