Team up with your candidate and give your opponents a bi-partisan smack down. Your favorite politicians go head to head in an all out, no holds barred smash style debate.

It´s nice to see that different gamming studios are starting to develop games for mobile devices using Flare3D. Here is a new example of this: Smash Vote by Mighty Bits!. The speech of a typical political debate is replaced for punches and kicks.


You can enjoy this game for iOS and Android

Here a short interview with the developers (thanks Tate and Victoria!):

Why did you decide to develop this game for mobile devices?

Victoria: We’ve been developing for mobile since 2010, so it just seemed like a natural choice. Although we do plan to release SmashVote on Facebook too.

Tate: Yeah, we love the mobile game market and feel the game will reach the most people on mobile devices. Mobile is also one of the best places to monazite games if you are an indie developer.

Why did you choose Flare3D?

Tate: We’ve both been working with Flash & Flex for over a decade, so we knew Adobe AIR for Mobile would be the fastest way for us to build the game. That narrowed our choices. We ran some tests comparing Flare3D to another popular 3D engine, and Flare3D won, hands down – we found the code to be cleaner, clearer and faster to work with, and the performance was great.

Victoria: Flare Studio piqued my interest. I discovered over a year ago, and really wanted to find a project where I could try out the skeletal structures and animations. I searched for political models and found some in the style we liked on I reached out the modeler and hired him for the project. Within a few days of that initial idea, we could see political candidates fighting in Flare Studio.

Tate: We needed to be able to dynamically add biped animations to any number of character meshes and play them back based on user input. The Mixamo animations were easily consumed and integrated into the Flare3D framework. Once we got our workflow sorted out, it all worked pretty seamlessly.

How was your experience working with Flare3D?

Tate: Excellent. Going in, our biggest concern was performance. The final game runs great on our target mobile devices.

Victoria: I agree. Working with Flare3D was so easy, we plan to use it on other projects.

Any other 3D projects coming soon?

Victoria: Yes! We are collaborating with a designer in Las Vegas. We have a collection of apps in the works, all using Flare3D. They will be released simultaneously in early 2013.

Tate: We are also working on updates for Smash Vote. We always intended it to be a 2-player game, so we still have quite a bit of work to do. We will be adding special moves and new candidates, like George Bush and Bill Clinton.

For more info:

Mighty Bits

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