As many of you already know, coding shaders is a very difficult task, but to write them in AGAL is even harder!

This is why we created FLSL, a High Level Shader Language for Stage3D!

But, FLSL ins’t only a typical shader language, it includes tons of amazing and innovative features we will dedicate specific posts, examples and tutorials!

And to demonstrate some of the power you’ll be able to play with, here is a demo made by our dear user Jason Huang using the new version of FLSL!

FLSL will be included in the upcoming Flare3D 2.5 version,

No more excuses! now, everyone can play and have fun with shaders! 😀

Stay tuned!

  • Philip Thonbo

    sweet… refraction ? can we see it on a smooth surface model ?

  • Immortal

    AMAZING :O :O :O

  • endsufi

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