Are you fit enough for the network of tomorrow?

That´s the question you will have to answer by playing this great 3D flash advergame developed  by the digital creative agency “North Kingdom” for Vodafone Germany.

netguys1 netguys2

This game was developed using Flare3D and takes  full advantage of stage 3D´s capabilities, but what`s better than hearing from them about this project and their experience working with Flare3D, here is a short interview:

Could you please tell us a little bit about this project and how did you come up with this idea?

It was a short 4 week project. The idea was to create a game to go along with an ad-campaign running for Vodafone Germany.
This is the TVC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsZ06ZcA-Ag
So we came up with an idea based on that for the gameplay. Each guy, that represents a bar in the reception icon, has a unique skill that is needed to overcome obstacles while going through the city. So “keep the right guy on the track” is the basic idea.
Here´s the intro for the game


 Why did you choose Flare3D?

We choose to use Flare3D mainly because we are already using it in another bigger/longer project already. :) So we could exchange knowledge in between us developers and quickly get up to speed.
We needed a stable engine, since it was such a short timeframe. So we couldn´t afford to have much api-changes and stuff like that while developing. We also needed a solid “pipeline”, 3d-artist to developer, for the assets. Flare3D have a great 3dsmax plugin for that. That is one of the key things imho, that many engines seem to overlook. I think the way you are going with Flare3D Studio is a really good idea.

character character2

Are you working on any other project involving Flare3D ?

Yes, like I said we are working on another bigger/longer project, that should hopefully go live sometime early next year. It´s for “a big animation studio”, and that’s about all I can say right now. :)

Why did you chose Stage3D instead of a technology that requires plugins?

It was mostly because of reach. With the flashplayer you can potentially reach more people. We discussed around webgl aswell, but you lose IE then. Also webgl didn´t run that good on some peoples macbooks, so they had a hard time “selling” that. Also the flashplayer is traditionally often used for games so people are used to that.

Would you like to play this game?  http://netguys.vodafone.de/
North Kingdom Website: http://www.northkingdom.se/

  • Tiago Sillos Padovani

    Tutorial para flare em Português!




  • Fernando

    How did you guys make the radiosity stuff on that game? The textures of cenario is very good, with smooth shadows (looks like the shadows is on texture, but is nice). I tried to make that on flare3d but wasnt succesfull. Do you have any tips? Thanks a lot.

  • revan

    The Why Pivot3D class can not accept MouseEvent3D events

  • joseluisr

    Pivot3D accept MouseEvent3D events. Check this example