As we have already mentioned in previous posts, Flare3D will have its own physics engine. We are already developing more complex demos and polishing some last details. The following Pool game demo shows some features and the reach that this physics engine will have:


· It is a variant from the game mode “Straight Pool” or 14.1

· The scene is loaded from an f3d file and rendered in 3D by flare3D, as usual.

· Balls are physically represented using the primitive PhysicsSphere (because of its natural similarity with a sphere) and the table using the primitive PhysicsMesh, because of its particular shape.

· To each ball were assigned: Properties of mass (weight) , restitution, (rebounds features after each collision) and friction according to known real values (according to references)

· Regarding  the physic behavior, this demo doesn´t exceeds the 50 lines of code.

Click Here to play this demo




Team flarephysics credits

Marcos Lazo (Core)
Juan Pablo D’Amato (Data Structures, Optimization)
Cristian García Bauza (Core, Project Manager)

Keep tuned! we are working in many other features that we will show you soon!

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